Since you are bothering to spend time at my page, I guess it's only fair that I give you some links to places more worthwhile...

General Links

Pictures of the Day
NASA's Astronomy Picture      (alternate site)
National Geographic

Daily Pages
Today I Found Out...
This Day in History (
Google Doodles
Word of the Day (Merriam-Webster)

Various Entertainment Sites
New Yorker daily cartoon
Hulu videos
I Can Has Cheezburger?
Pandora Radio
The Onion

Books and Reading
  Book recommendations based on your tastes and preferences

  Free book downloads for your Kindle or eReader

Other Stuff...

Internet ArchiveInternet Archive

Sporcle Trivia Games
What would life be without Comedy Central and Com'on down to South Park?        Kick the baby!

PythOnline It's back!  Here is the official Monty Python page.
Visit at your own risk!

The "Maps-on-Us" site is no more. But the Google Maps site is awesome!

If the Yankees are playing, then don't bother me cuz I'm watching them. New York Yankees

For music, there's WZZO - The Rock of the Valley radio.

Floydian Slip

This is probably the best site dedicated to
Pink Floyd I've yet found.


An amazing, free, user-supported encyclopedia.

Sea Ray boating club This is the Sea Ray site, with loads of information.

BoaterEd Forum The BoaterEd forum is a great place to get answers and post questions about anything to do with boating.

Like movies?  Search the Internet Movie Database for tons of facts and trivia.  Or check current listings at Moviefone.

Here's the best place to download software!  The Ultimate Collection Of Winsock Software


Game Sites

Crossword Puzzles
Crossword Puzzles
Merriam-Webster Universal & LA Times puzzles (7 days/week)
USA Today Daily puzzle
Universal Crossword Daily puzzles (timed)
LA Times direct link  (Sunday)
Houston Chronicle daily puzzle
Universal Crossword from Boston Globe
Washington Post

Word Games

Merrian-Webster games (5-day rotation)

Crossword Puzzles
GameLast Published
Syn CityTuesday08/20/2019
Dictionary DevilSunday08/18/2019
Bee CubedSaturday08/17/2019

If you're stumped, you can try WordPlays for puzzle-solving tools

Other Games
Bricks Breaking

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